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Grow your B2B sales with digital marketing

Written by Nicolas Lemaigre-Voreaux on Sep 7, 2021 11:30:04 AM

No purchase is made without a Google search: in fact, it is more than 71% of B2B customers who start their product investigation by Google search engine on the internet (Think with Google, 2015) . To grow B2B sales deals and accelerate your business development, you can no longer ignore the possibilities of the internet and digital in your acquisition strategy.


With internet, B2B sales development has therefore completely changed paradigm as most traditional industries are struggling to follow the trend and change their business processes. Is it your case ? You should know that this delay can become a real opportunity for your business: Inbound marketing will allow you to activate several new levers and will bring you a large number of customers that you have not yet managed to reach.


In addition, the flow of data, abundant on the Internet, offers opportunities that are still underexploited by traditional industrial sectors. Digital technology has brought new, more effective (and measurable) techniques and tools to drive your business development: instead of going to prospect the customer, it is now a question of attracting customers by offering high-added value content. (Inbound marketing).

1. Develop your website to boost your B2B sales

The Inbound methodology revolves around 3 stages: Attract your target audience, Interact with it, and Retain your customers. Today, it is establishing itself as an effective and reliable business development strategy. It consists of driving the transformation of strangers into prospects, then into customers and ideally into promoters.


For the first step, namely, attracting your audience, showcase sites are not enough. Indeed, these, which were only used to have an online presence and inform your contacts about your products, are now replaced by conversion websites. Today's websites are optimized to move buyers forward in their purchasing journey and in your conversion tunnel (from prospect to customer).


Here are 3 tips to optimize your website for conversion:

  • Adapt your content to your buyer persona: a buyer persona is a semi-fictitious representation of your ideal customer. It is important to identify it in order to fully understand the challenges faced by this customer on a daily basis and to address these needs in your content (and the evolution of your offers and products). This is the strength of Inbound, which unlike traditional prospecting techniques, sends a truly personalized message to a specific target.
  • Have action buttons (Call-To-Action or CTA) at strategic places on your site: if you are proposing a new white paper, create a button to download it, if you can send samples for free, put it forward to your site.
  • Create contact forms and landing pages: the call-to-action buttons on your site will lead to pages dedicated to conversion called landing pages. These pages normally include a contact form which allow you to retrieve all the valuable contact details of your prospects. These forms are generally to be completed when your prospect is interested in one of your free downloadable content, your free offers or when he wants to contact you.

However, optimizing your site is useless if you do not yet attract qualified prospects (or leads) who click on your action buttons: to get there, you will need to create high value-added content (lead magnets). This content (blog articles, white papers, webinars ...) will be both a way to position yourself as an expert on your subject and an effective way to arouse the interest of your prospects. It is important that this content is optimized to rise in the first results of search engines: this is possible thanks to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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2. Equip yourself with tools and resources to grow your B2B sales

In addition to improving the performance of your website for conversion, inbound marketing automates a number of tasks previously performed manually by the salesperson, this is called marketing automation. Thus, coupled with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool, the website becomes a powerful lever for growth.

Inbound marketing upstream of the sales funnel automates maturation to purchase by qualifying prospects: they go from qualified prospects to customers and then to promoters, thanks to a number of actions automated by the CRM. Much of your business development strategy can be automated.

This can correspond to:

  • sending personalized email sequences based on the interests of prospects, to remind them from time to time of the relevance of your products to their needs (lead nurturing),
  • sending notifications that make the salesperson think of calling back the prospect when he submits a contact form,
  • and manage reminders, meeting schedules, contact mapping of each targeted company to be prospected.

From the start, to set up an inbound marketing strategy and to structure your business development, you will need to rely on the best tool. The HubSpot CRM tool is incredibly powerful while remaining accessible and intuitive to use. The tool appears today as the reference tool for setting up an inbound strategy within marketing and sales departments.

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3.Understand the benefits of inbound marketing for your employees and your business



Inbound marketing does not only accelerate your sales and your development, it energizes your entire way of doing business and marketing. What are the benefits for your company and your employees?


The benefits of inbound marketing for sales teams

Inbound is a holistic approach that will greatly impact your salespeople and their ways of working! Sales teams who have embraced digitization benefit from the invaluable contribution it makes to increasing their turnover.

  • Increase in sales performance: by generating many more qualified leads and increasing your conversion rates, you will see your sales performance improve thanks to proven methodologies.
  • Better motivation and team dynamics: your salespeople will no longer waste time on time-consuming tasks and will be able to concentrate on their core business, support prospects, sign deals and increase company revenues.
  • Alignment of your marketing and sales teams: if you don't yet see the importance of this point, know that companies where commerce and marketing are aligned sign 67% more contracts (source: Marketo).


The benefits of inbound marketing for your business

The implementation of inbound will have positive results in commercial terms but also in terms of reputation. Here are some of the benefits you can get:

  • Generation of qualified prospects and increase in your turnover: by promoting your value proposition, you will reach more prospects and you will be able to better convince them during their purchase journey. This rhymes with an increase in your turnover.

  • Improvement of your image and your credibility: the creation of high added value content will help to disseminate your business expertise. You will become a benchmark player regarding trends and best practices in your sector.

  • Improvement of the return on investment of your sales and marketing actions: your sales representatives will be more efficient and your actions may be subject to precise reporting. Data analysis of your marketing campaigns is included in your CRM.

  • Strategic differentiation from competitors who will be slow to position themselves online. The more you get ahead, the longer you will stay in a good position on the search engines!

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To move forward...

Whether or not you have heard of inbound marketing to accelerate your business development, it is urgent to put in place an inbound digital marketing strategy to grow your B2B sales.

Hubspot is an excellent tool for building this strategy, structuring your marketing processes and increasing your sales performance.

Building an effective inbound strategy from scratch is no easy task: as seen in our article, there are a lot of new techniques around business development to learn and setting up a tool like Hubspot can seem a bit difficult . You will save precious time by being supported by specialized marketing agencies like Pack2B who know the best practices for your sector.




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