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Understand the power of B2B web marketing with a specialized digital agency

Written by Nicolas Lemaigre-Voreaux on Sep 30, 2021 4:56:59 PM

If you offer a service or products to companies, you know that B2B (Business to Business) marketing took the digital turn a few years ago and is not going to turn back the clock. To support you in creating a B2B marketing strategy, calling on a specialized digital agency is strongly recommended for many reasons.

We will go through them in this article.

Today's business leaders are drowned in advertising for services, tools, suppliers ... These over-solicited leaders are increasingly impervious to traditional business techniques. In response to these techniques, which consisted in getting the customer where he is, digital marketing instead teaches us to attract him to your products (inbound marketing and account-based marketing): call on digital marketing experts within 'a specialized agency boosts your productivity, and gives you the right processes to structure yourself and launch an effective marketing strategy the first time.

1. Partner with a digital agency to improve communication and attract prospects on the internet

To enable you to seize the opportunities offered by the Internet, a digital marketing agency can advise you and set up modern acquisition strategies, prospect maturation (such as inbound marketing), until the actual gain of new clients.

A specialized marketing agency supports its clients in all of its digital communication to increase efficiency. According to Hubspot in 2021, 92% of companies with an inbound marketing strategy in place saw an increase in leads received. But concretely, what are the best practices put in place by specialized marketing agencies to achieve such results?

Here are some key actions:

 > Transform your showcase website into a conversion tool through content marketing;

 >  Take charge of the management of your social networks, the opportunities linked to these networks (social selling) and your digital presence;

 > Advise you on organic (SEO) and paid (SEA) referencing on search engines and the various available channels;

 > Set up an emailing strategy if your market is suitable, and lead nurturing, which consists of "cultivating contacts" who are not yet ready to buy;

 > Find your ideal audience and support marketing by monitoring the evolution of your products and services to reach this audience.

With the advent of telecommuting and the ease of meeting on video conferencing, you don't even have to be in the same location as your marketing agency to get ahead. If you are looking for a digital agency in your city, no need to search only digital agencies in Paris or Lyon, broaden your search: at Pack-2B, we organize regular points by phone with our customers to propose, validate and report of our actions for them. What could be more normal for a digital agency than to be in digital proximity with its customers and partners?


Download the research on the use of digital marketing in packaging


2. Go through a digital agency to structure its processes and train its teams in skills

The digital agency also aims to train your teams to become autonomous in managing the decision-making journey of their prospects: today, sales teams do not personalize the message enough according to the customer's purchasing journey. A specialized digital agency will make your teams aware of the existence of this purchasing path and will help them personalize the commercial relationship according to the prospect's degree of maturity.


This is a real business training issue that needs to be explored now, before your competition. Setting up an organization and an internal process will save you a lot of time on, for example: the choice of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool and its configuration, the structuring of sales and marketing processes, the creation of good communication practices between departments, etc. In fact, by relying on the agency's expertise in digital marketing, you will better qualify your target and your sales teams will increase their conversion rate and their sales productivity. A considerable saving of time and money for you!


Thus, the B2B marketing agency allows you to achieve the following objectives:

- Attract qualified traffic to your website,

- Generate qualified BtoB leads,

- Create as many new customers as possible and retain your current customers,

- And if that's your ambition, become number 1 in your market for online acquisition.

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3. Are you looking for a digital agency close by  ? 



The advantage of digital marketing agencies is that they can take you to markets that you would not have discovered without the Internet. No matter where your business is located, thanks to the Internet, you can find customers all over France and even beyond. It's the same principle when you want to work with a digital agency: you can be accompanied from anywhere in France. Indeed, at Pack-2B, we can manage all the support work remotely: the proximity here does not have to be geographic but rather in the availability and proximity of strategic views and ambitions.

How to select your marketing agency ?

Here are the criteria we recommend for selecting a good BtoB marketing agency :

- Certified experts who know your market: first, find certified experts who know your issues, your sector, and who have already tested their techniques with clients like you.

- Open and transparent communication: having the support of an agency also means choosing people you can trust to work together. Therefore, favor contact with people with whom you feel an easy collaboration: unlike geographical proximity, contact with the people with whom you collaborate is essential. Do you have the same ambitions, are you aligned with the stated objectives?

- Real added value for your online visibility: a good agency will be able to audit your processes and make a precise diagnosis of what needs to be improved in your BtoB marketing. From the outset, she will be able to understand your business issues and propose a plan to resolve some of your shortcomings to increase your digital notoriety.

- A detailed reporting of the actions carried out and their return on investment: a good marketing agency, even if it is not located in your geographical area, will know how to have an irreproachable communication: it can send you regularly the inventory of the actions put in place. place and next steps.


In short, using a specialized agency, such as Pack-2B, means: working with certified experts, controlling your budgets and analysing your returns on investment, and finally increasing your productivity.


Are you tempted by adventure? Contact us, we will audit your needs to better understand how digital can improve your BtoB marketing and accelerate your business.

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